Empty Nesters: Finding the Perfect Downsized Home

By Marcus McCue, Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer, Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc.


The day has come. After decades of raising children, PTA meetings, after-school sports, and dozens and dozens of bake sales, your little ones have grown up and left the nest.
Maybe they’ve headed off to college, maybe they’ve enlisted in the military, or maybe they’ve even started a family of their own. Whatever the reason, you and your spouse are now back to square one—on your own and left to your own devices.
While this can certainly be a freeing time, it can be a sad one too. Now you’re alone in the big empty house you saw your kids go from crawling, to walking, to packing up their stuff—it can be overwhelming, to say the least.
Throw in that most family homes are just too big, too expensive and need too much upkeep for empty nesters, and it’s no wonder many parents opt to move out and downsize once the birdies leave the coop.
Are you and your spouse considering a similar move? Are you ready for a smaller, more manageable property now that the kiddos have gone? Here are some tips for finding the perfect downsized property today:
Pick your ideal location. Now is a time when you can truly live wherever you want. You don’t have to consider school districts or even neighborhood amenities. You can live on a beach, in a cabin in the woods, or out in the country all on your own. The sky is truly the limit.
Determine what you need space for—and what you don’t. Take some time to think about what you’ll actually need space for in your new home. Sure, you’ll need a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and other basics, but what about your hobbies and passions? Do you need a place to do crafts or quilting? Will your spouse need an office or man cave? Do you need a place for the grandkids to sleep when they stay over? Make sure to consider these when looking for a new place.
Clear out the clutter. Don’t even think of buying a smaller home until you’ve cut the clutter out of your current one. Go from room to room, and get rid of anything you don’t use, don’t need or won’t need in the future, and donate it to a charity, your kids or someone else who needs it. You’ll never know how much you have—or how much space you need—until you whittle down your belongings to the bare minimum.
Look for low maintenance. Do  you want to move into a new place, only to spend hours cleaning, mowing the lawn, gardening and decorating? Or do you want something a little more hands-off? If you’re like most empty nesters, the more low-maintenance a property is, the better. It’s also more affordable in the long run, too, so it’s a big win-win in that regard.
Are you looking to downsize your home now that the kids have moved on? Contact a home loan officer at Guardian Mortgage Company. We’ll help you every step of the way.



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